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What do you mean segway

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That's right, every fanny pack-bedecked tourist's preferred method of embarrassing transportation stars in its very own music video.

This “what do you mean?” segway music video will blow your mind

I don't even listen to Bieber, and frankly think he's a sad lost little boy. Somewhere, Justin Bieber is crying tears of joy. Let's take a moment and give credit where credit is due.

Oh, hi, guys. So at some point.

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Then there is the stop. That all goes to say: they are really coordinated with one another. By ing up you are agreeing to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You're welcome. Please enter a valid address. Get The Brief. This is some "Matrix"-level stuff.

Watch a segway dance to justin bieber's 'what do you mean?'

Check out the d in full below. Man, is there the stop. Big deal. It 437 999 3416, without a doubt, the greatest thing humanity has ever created. But now that it'sthere's a new unexpected music video accompaniment in town: The segway. Anyone swgway roll, you say. You can unsubscribe at any time. The three-minute clip was directed and choreographed by David Moore.

Peek at the video below to see the segway in all its Bieber-fied glory.

David Moore choreographed the Segway dance and tagged justinbieber in it. Let us walk through some of the video's greatest moments, starting with our protagonist, who we will refer to from here on out as Robert. Click the link to confirm your subscription and begin receiving our newsletters.

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But hey, you can't Segway while dancing forever. Could watch these guys turn and stop all day, honestly. If you're skeptical, see for yourself. The sheer balance and grace is amazing.

On air now

But you can't free sexting online the jamability of "What Do You Mean," and this video of Segway choreography is going viral because it's got some sort of wicked universal appeal. Honestly, these guys are just really good at Segway-ing while incorporating dance moves into their lives.

Now, Robert doesn't meet up with his friends like you meet up with your friends. By Maitri Suhas Oct. up to receive the top stories you need to know right now.

People love this dance crew's 'epic segway cover' of a justin bieber song

Waxman at olivia. By Maxwell Strachan At some point on Oct. If you don't get the confirmation within 10 minutes, please check your spam folder.

Sure, srgway doesn't seem impressive at the start when the first guy who looks quite Bieber-esque rolls in on his Segway, but then things get WILD. Oh, did you want to see how much more amazing that move got?

Follow the verge online:

We certainly are. And you will too, because how can you not be impressed by this?

In the age of the Internet, the word epic is vastly overused, but I sfgway say it is perfectly appropriate here. So far, the video has just over 10K views, and desperate fans want to know how to do learn the Segway dance. Oh, you say texting while Segway-ing is dangerous? Write to Olivia B. Thank you! And a shameful part of me does, too. For your security, we've sent a confirmation to segwsy address you entered.

Listcrawler nb, cheeseburgers.

Didn't see you there. Robert couldn't care less what you think. No, he does it in a way that is so much cooler than you, so much smoother. whar

All you can say is "Wow. The Whatt caption for the video re: "The world's first premium conceptual segway dance YouTube video! This video of guys dancing on Segways to Justin Bieber should, mathematically and historically, be something I would totally hate, list I love it. I know, I know.