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Tea bag urban dictionary

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British Teabag Before masterbation empty a teabag but retain the string and upon climax ready the teabag and blow your wad inside of the bag.

Note that T-Bagging can get you spawn killed or verbally assaulted ditionary the microphone. A sexual act where a males testicles are dipped in and out of the partners mouth.

Most often used in the gaming community as a victory move. Commence with dipping, as per usual.

Dirty Teabag A Dirty Teabag is when you get a girl whos down to suck your ball sack. You my want to hold your dick out of the way but its up to you then you go out the bathroom and bav the trick put your dirty direahha water soaked balls in her mounthbone apple teeth My gf pissed me off so i dirty teabaged her. That'll teach her!

Did you see the photo of Rusty teabagging Rob after he passed out? Everyone spawn kill him!

He just T-Bagged my body! Can also be performed with caviar or creamed haring.

Al walked in on his mom giving his dad a Russian Tea Bag last night. He said that he can't get the picture of his mom licking his dad's caviar covered balls out of his head. Using this method, a multiple layering effect may be achieved.

After you kill an opponent you highly dislike it is not uncommon to stand over your enemies lifeless body and crouch up and down over and over in a T-bagging manner while the opponent watches from the fernie craigslist cam his body being defiled. Make sure they're unknowing of what's about to happen, run up to them holding the teabag by the string and smack the person as hard as victionary can across the face with the teabag yelling the phrase "bollocks"!!

The Fererro Rocher : Allow ten minutes for a thin crust to form. Note: Although uncommon T-Bagging a player while in a laying position such as sniping can also be done and is extra funny for the kill cam review.

Do not blow too hard, as this could result in spillage. You and your friends may enjoy ejaculating multiple times into the bowl of diarrhea then stirring, creating a marbling bab.

The Aero Teabag: As with dictionxry chocolate teabagwith the added pleasure of a straw being inserted into the bowl, allowing your friend s to blow into the diarrhea, creating a softer, lighter and more enjoyable experience. Russian Tea Bag When one dips one's balls into vodka and has his partner lap up the precious liquor from his scrotum.

Similar to how a teabag is used while making a cup of tea. In Russia, it is traditional to take a shot of vodka after performing the Russian Tea Bag. Experience this Chocolate Teabag yourself.

Afterwards staple the string back onto the teabag and look for bwg you'd like to have a good old fashion tea party with. So my girlfriend wouldn't have sex with me the other day, so i gave that bitch a British teabag!

While giving me oral sex, Jess tea bagged my balls. Also don't run with scissors, and do not put your fingers in live plug sockets.

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The act of dipping one's testicles into a bowl of tes diarrhea, then performing the usual act of teabagging. T-Bagging The natural act of a man dipping his ball sack into either a woman's or defeated opponents mouth as if it were a Tea-bag. Usually at a party when a friend has fallen asleep. But before letting her suck your balls you go to the bathroom take urbsn huge shit and clog the toliet on purpose then with the shit infused water you keep flushing the toliet bowl intill the water rise enough to fully surmerge your entire ball sack.

A practical jokewhere a male will place his testicles on a friends face and a photo be taken to embarrass the friend.