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We are honored to be continually recognized an accepting and safe space for members of the LGBTTQ community and their allies. The boutique is based on the European model for adult boutiques, meaning a greater emphasis on education and community involvement.

Brands carried

Smitten has also got involved with many brando events, including Brandon Pride. Epp said the store is craigslist sudbury much cleaner than many people envision a classic sex shop to be and caters toward some medical needs, too, such as reproductive issues. Epp said the store has been supporting the organization since the celebration was just a barbecue at Princess Park.

Come see us today and see why we are more than just an adult store! They go through quite a bit of product knowledge and sexual health and wellness training when they first start," she said. The idea of Smitten exists because my wife and I, who are both currently employed at Brandon Regional Health Manchester craigslist, saw a need for a professional, respectable and unique outlet for women and couples interested in obtaining information and products encompassing, but not restricted to, romance and sexuality.

We have absolutely no intention of following into that stereotype and prefer to consider what we propose to offer Brandon is its First Mature Lifestyle Boutique. See nude sites text Products and Services. Hey there, time traveller! Nicole Epp, Smitten store manager, said she has been working at the store since Day 1.

Customers Mmanitoba NOT be embarrassed to be seen walking through our front door, although parking and access to the sales floor will be available west of the building as well. We offer options for in-store parties, private shopping and will havana escort for special events such as ladies nights and shopping nights.

Advertisement Advertise With Us Smitten Adult Boutique is celebrating nine years of educating Brandonites on sexual health and spicing things up in the bedroom. We are using commercial grade disinfectant on all surfaces in nyc porn store zmitten the counter area, debit machine, door handles an much, much more.

Smitten celebratesnine years ofsafe and sexy

Smitten Adult Boutique manager Nicole Epp stands with the store's lingerie selection. You can come in, people can come in and talk about and be open brandom what issues and problem they might be having.

It doesn't sound like they intend on this being your stereotypical "adult store" The windows of the brand new building will lyla massage VERY tastefully displayed - we have a great graphic artist deing some pretty funky art in leu of scantily clad women. Sorry - No kids allowed.

Since the first store opened inpeople in Brandon have come to realize that Smitten is different from a seedy video store and the misconceptions around it have been dispelled through word of mouth. Our goal is to attract the attention of sophisticated women manitobw couples, hence our desire to be right on 18th St rather than hidden away in a remote part of the city. Shop escort homme montreal Products:.

Here is a copy and paste of Blair's post Just a quick he-up from one of the proprietors of the new boutique, Smitteh.

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CASH payments are discouraged. Epp said Smitten will continue to grow with its customers and staff will do what they can to help people with their intimate issues in the future.

We plan to do everything it takes to be a progressive breath of fresh air for this city. I will send our full business proposal for those of you intrigued enough to have a look please private message me.

Smitten adult boutique

Based off of the European model of adult boutiques we pride ourselves on our clean and modern environment, informed and educated staff and involvement with the community. We carry Brandon's most varied selection of lingerie for smittrn sizes and shapes including plus sizes and vintage swimwear. We will not be oakville girls any lingerie, bras, swimwear, etc.

Thanks for your time. YES, this retail outlet will be a classy boutique based on a European model which has been very successful and well received and respected in many large cities across North America.

Products and services

We plan to quickly gain the respect and admiration of Brandonites not attracted to anyone clean up the image that initially pops into ones head with the words, "Adult Shop". We plan to offer FAR more than strictly adult content, such as clothing, giftware, literature and home decor. We are still encouraging customers to shop online, over the phone or via Messenger and use our curbside pickup service wherever possible.

As always we will uphold the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation in the store. If you are unable to comply with the above stipulations please shop via web, phone or messenger.