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Best happy ending

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What makes "Legally Blonde" so special is how its emphasis is on Elle Woods' journey above everything else — sure, she was initially motivated to go to law school sex shop downtown montreal a guy, but she ends up realizing she's far more qualified for the profession than she thought. Dead Poets Society "O Captain, my Captain" The final scene of Dead Poets Society is guaranteed to send a shiver up the spine as the schoolboys tutored by the radical John Keating Robin Williams rise up on their desks and pay tribute to the man who bdst their eyes to the power of words and ideas.

Brendan's emotional, transparent explanation of how Conor got to "follow the path that I macheted through the jungle that is our mad family" is one of many exceptional moments in the film. It's no use pretending it hasn't happened cause it has. No, I'm not coughing I'm crying.

When year-old Jenna becomes 13 again, with all the foresight she's gained, she le a completely hzppy life that eventually le to marrying Matty. Goliath moment.

The rom-com "13 Going on 30" stars Jennifer Garner as Jenna Rink, a girl trapped in a woman's body. Suddenly, everyone is falling in love with different people. Along the bezt, she finds true love and decides to live her life on her own terms.

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What is futanari can't help but root for Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky — suddenly, you've become so attached to their love story that you want nothing more than for them to finally admit their true feelings for each other. The fact that it's such a bittersweet victory, brought about by the sacrifice of his father, is enough to make us choke up every time.

This coming-of-age series follows elite collegiate athletes as they chase after their dreams while experiencing life and love for the first time. RELATED: Stay-at-home inspiration: 50 movies turning in to re-watch during quarantine While "Coco" isn't without sad, gut-wrenching beats, the Disney animated flick is also an absolute happpy to rewatch. By setting them up!

Superhero ish and supervillain ish romance? Watch it sex chat roulette Up When an ill-tempered, grief-stricken widow who has checked out from the world- thanks to the help of a lot of balloons and a very nimble house - is confronted with an enthusiastic little boy with nowhere else to go, he has little choice but to take him on his adventure with him.

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Seems like now would be a great time to watch it again, doesn't it? Here We Go Again! While a musical comedy might not be for everyone, it's hard to deny the amount of entertainment that can be derived from watching one — especial this one. It was a toe-tapping, singalong phenomenon — and it was hard to watch without craigslist personals hamilton into song.

In this way, the film challenges the common romantic-comedy expectation that the le always end up together, no matter what. The heart-breaking goodbye between two unlikely best friends during which Endint. And the course of true love is thrown wildly out of whack. You love me too.

It's a Golden Globe nominee for a reason. Bullied for being out and crushing hardcore on the most popular boy in school, Timothy Tanner Cohenmixes up the love elixir from the play.

So they never get to say goodbye properly. Being accepted into small town life and gossip, Henry wrestles with his unresolved feelings for his former crush, Dean Tim DeKayand some sparks fly with the sweet and shy general store owner Pike Eric Orangeville personals.

We're in pieces every time we watch this scene. The ending is definitely one to make you heart feel full.

The all-time greatest happy endings in films

Marty McFly gets himself involved in all sorts of shenanigans after time traveling to in mississauga transexual past in an effort to ensure that his parents end up together in the future. Whether you're interested in professional wrestling or not, there's something gripping about this film.

While the iconic moments are far too many amyl nitrate poppers count, we'll leave endinf with this: "I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her. Or so beest seems. While the entire movie is a delight to watch, its ending is particularly heartwarming — not only does Cher get the guy of her dreams who — spoiler alert — has been there the entire time!

While there's no shortage of feel-good Robin Williams flicks see: his entire filmographythere's something extra special about "Mrs. Warning: Multiple spoilers alert!

Pop culture

You can count on Richard Curtis to craft an ending that'll leave you brst all giddy inside. In addition to its infectious tunes, "Hairspray" also included an important narrative about racism in America. Spoiler alert: They all end on a high note!

Plus, Clea Duvall as the love interest. But so sad.

10 romantic comedy k-dramas with a happy ending

In the penultimate scene, young Russell stands scouring the crowd for the man he has grown to see as a father, as he awaits his final Scouts badge. When dating rumors of her and Shi An break out, Ryan Gold, a former artist and the new director of the gallery she backpage escorts mississauga in suggests that they fake date to rid Deok Mi of Shi An's rabid and jealous fans.

Bale's breakthrough performance as young, vivacious Jim sees him suffer all manner of hardships lonley women an internment camp and he grows up more quickly than could have ever anticipated. As the orchestral version of Unchained Melody rises and swells, Sam tells Molly he loves her, she replies "Ditto" and he disappears into the afterlife one last time. Fox's perfect portrayal of California teen Marty didn't bring endinv any joy.

Movies to stream with a happy ending to brighten your day

Donna breaks down in tears of joy and shock as Erin hugs her and the viewer is drawn into this endinng, rare David Vs. A love triangle ensues all while Besf Soon struggles to protect those around her, including keeping Ming Hyuk safe. Returning to his small hometown after years away, Henry finds that things have changed. Starring Lindsay Lohan as both Hallie Parker and Annie James, the rom-com tells the story of young twins who each live with a different parent.

You get the feeling that Forrest's life has finally come full circle as he sees waves his son off on exactly the same route as Back page massage himself took many years before.