Anne Graham Lotz Helping to Create a Boston Bible Party

Billy Graham’s daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, took time out from her swim in the shallow end of the Graham family gene pool this weekend to assure everyone that she would NEVER vote for an Atheist.

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The Wisdom of Searches

The Poobah gets lots of searches from around the world. We’re not sure which is more worrying, that someone is searching for, “eating at a kenyan party and eating a belgian” or that we apparently have a post with a recipe for preparing a Belgian as a dinner entrée.

The Wisdom of the Search is a new regular feature. It appears over there on your right, just below the site search box.

We’ll select some of the best search strings, though don’t expect to see the thousands of searches for ‘Michele Bachmann bikini” or “Michele Bachmann nekkid”. The stink of humor washed off those after the first 495…in one day.

Try searching something random yourself. You never know what you’ll come up with, but that’s the beauty of all wisdom. Isn’t it?


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