God Hates Fags and the Pink Mass

Teabagging the TombstoneWestboro Baptist church is home to the most repugnant, asshatted, crapweasels around. There is no excuse to invade funerals and other events especially when they have zero to do with Westboro’s reprehensible hate-filled agenda. But a recent “Pink Mass” protest by the Satanic Temple in which protestors teabagged Fred Phelps mother’s grave to support equality for same-sex couples is equally offensive, even for an atheist like me.

Satanists and atheists believe there is no afterlife, so on some level protesting over a grave is academic. Our view is that there is a casket and a dead body. Nothing more, nothing less. The Satanists meant the “Pink Mass” to symbolically change Phelps’ mother gay after death which is a pointless exercise if the “person” in the grave is non-existent.

Pink Mass: Teabagging a Tombstone

Protest is a strong hallmark of our society and no one should prevent it. However, those not involved with the protest have a right to be free of publicity stunts when it has nothing to do with them or their event. If you want to protest, there are better places than a solder’s funeral or a person’s grave – particularly since as far as I can tell Fred Phelps mother Catherine Idalette Johnston died when Fred was five and had nothing to do with his upbringing or his malicious cause.

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Thou Shalt Not Eat Cookies (They’re Gay You Know)

OK, we get it. You don’t like gay people. You somehow think they don’t exist if you don’t ask and they don’t tell. You think that if they marry they denigrate the institution more than straight people who divorce, covet thy neighbor’s wife, or beat each other until one of them snaps and pulls a Lizzie Borden. But boycott cookies? Really? Cookies?

Gay Pride Day was last week and any number of companies, people, and locales other than San Francisco celebrated it. They prize the diversity gay people bring to the country or at least acknowledge that whatever gays do behind closed doors is nobody’s business other than their own. But the audacity of Nabisco posting a picture of a rainbow colored cookie threw homophobes into a real and violent tizzy.

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Parody Canceled, Crackpot Rabbi Blames Earthquake on Gays

God Hates Fags...NOT

HARSHING OUR MELLOW - For the creepily bigoted, it's important to keep the nonsense alive. For these kids and their parents, it's out of the mouths of parents and into the mouths of children.

I had planned a parody post today. The basic idea was simple: Fundamentalist crackpot, Pat Robertson, would announce that yesterday’s east coast earthquake and coming hurricane were caused because of “teh gays”. However, a real pronouncement ruined the whole thing, except that instead of a brain-addled Christian bringing the “funny”, a Rabbi harshed everyone’s mellow.


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