Randomness: Teachers We Salute You

They work hard for little pay. They have to be around unruly kids – your kids – all day. Even though they teach kids how to tell time they have no first hand knoeledge of clocks themselves. Teachers, we salute you:

Teachers We Salute You

A Republican View of  What Teachers Do All Day

Sex Education in Our Schools

Why Teachers Work So Hard to Prepare Kids for Kollege Not Safe For Work

When Pre-School Education Goes Very, Very Wrong

Little Jimmy Loves Snack Time at Pre-School

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Randomness: Hodge Podge Style

Randomness: Hodge Podge Style – Random Goodness for the Week Music, commentary, and senior citzen sex.

Could This Be The New Madonna?

Rolling in the Deep – Japanese Version

Looka Dat Body

Race Has Its’ Privileges

The Cast of Deliverance Plays Hall and Oats

Katy Perry Kissed a Marine and Liked it

Katy Perry Kissed a Marine and Liked It – Right Wing Commentary

Straight Outta the Fire Hydrants of Compton

Well That’s Disturbing Not Safe For Work

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I Smell Crapweasles

Proving the Poobah’s posts are prescient, it’s seems the threat to smite the Mormons over posthumous baptisms caused them to collapse into mint jelly and quash the practice.


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