Victoria Jackson Wears the Tutu of Fear

VICTORIA’S SING ALONG TIME – Come on all you right wingers, sing along!

There is no shortage of Americans full of crackpot ideas and imagined conspiracies. They’re usually part of an unknown cast preaching to like-minded goobs. But occasionally someone with a not-so-unknown name takes to the bloody pulpit. 

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Randomness: Political Style

When the going gets tough, the tough become laughable: Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, New Gingrich, giant teabags, and Giving a Shit. If you don’t laugh, these videos will make you cry.

Do YOU Give a Shit?

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Randomness: Tipping the Hat Fantastic Style

The Gum Wad That Ate Venice

HUBBA BUBBA - A giant wad of gum takes over Venice. A giant shoe avoided it by stepping into a pile of dog crap instead. Click photo for more >>

Tipping the Hat Fantastic to Jr. Poobahs Everywhere

Just Another Day in the Intertubes

  • Knowing about this in no way made it sexier. Erg. Sigh.
  • A K-9 not clear on the concept of “police dog“.
  • The Vagina Monologues in 16 acts. Not Safe For Work
  • That”ll show those wimpy-assed Christians.
  • Thou shalt worship no idols before me…except on Tuesday when it’s Bajang Day.
  • Terrorists from the Bovine Liberation Front terrorize America’s heartland with special bombs and we don’t hear a peep from Dick Cheney? What’s up with that?
  • “Markus” discovers that his chosen profession had been ruined by amateurs who’d do the same thing for free.
  • From the looks of it, the world would be a better place if they just stayed under wraps.
  • And the worst part is, the Resse’s Pieces pellets all over campus are really disgusting.
  • Can’t….look….a…way.
  • This “Me Bot” thing could hold some promise. Just set it on autopilot and kiss all those boring meetings goodbye.
  • God doesn’t hate fags, he hates idiots. GO JASON!
  • Scientists recreate the face of Jesus, but onlookers don’t recognize it because it’s not on a piece of toast.
  • There’s a great exhibit of 19th century plumbing expressionism at the Guggenheim.
  • Automated celebrities, what will they think of next?
  • I’m sure they’re cool and all, but £3600 for something that could give you splinters in embarrassing spots seems a bit steep. Not Safe For Work
  • “Good evening. On our menu tonight, we have little green balls of death in a sauce beurre with haricot verts and sardines. Bon appetite!”
  • Stayin’ sharp with Sharpies.
  • “Is this Chicken of the Sea or just chicken?” Jessica asked. No Jessica, it’s a picture of a woman who likes to fart, which probably makes her as attractive to some men as her unbelievably huge hooters. And, it’s another picture of someone so gullible she’ll puncture an ear drum rather than listen to her own music. Oh never mind, Jessica. Yes, it’s chicken.
  • I really did not need to know how to do this.
  • Finally, a theatre seat smarter than the dumb ass using her cell phone sitting in it.
Nice Frock

NICE OUTFIT - The principal has been playing in the theatre department's make up kit again. Click photo for more >>

You Have to be a Bit Nutty to Be a Criminal Anyway

  • In his defense, it was Feb. 3 and Donald just thought it was Opossum Day.
  • Will you damn teabaggers take it easy before you hurt someone.

Japan, the Asian Paradise

More Crap the World Can Do Without

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