Randomness: Capitalism Fail Style

People Who Buy Crap and the People Who Make It


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Randomness: Behold! The Blue Light in the East!

Old Man and the Sea

HOLY MOSES - Moses turns into Noah, who morphs into the Old Man and the Sea. Total catch: 3 fishes Click photo for more >>

Tis the Season to Shop Mad-ly…

Um, Yeah

Enough with the Anime Already

Leaving Them Scratching Their RoButts

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Randomness: Craptasic Commercialism Style

Udder Delight

UDDER DELIGHT - Cleanliness is next to milkiness. Click photo for more >>

Craptasic Commercialism

The Nabobs of Nihon

Teabagger's Teabag

TEABAGGER'S TEABAG - Tea drinking is now down with the kids with the ‘teabagging bag’. Click photo for more >>

OOPS! Everyone Makes a Mistake Now and Then

God Works in Mysterious Comical Ways

Sexual Healing

Robotic Robots Rally for Robbie the Robot

Just Plain Weird

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