Randomness: Genuflection Style

No jokes about Japan this week. They have enough trouble already. Dig deep. Help them out. Donate to the charity of your choice.

That Crown of Thorns Hurt Much?

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Attack of the Darwin Fails

All Politics is Local Stupid

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Randomness: Lady Gaga Style

Canadian Water Polo

LONDON 2012 CALLING - The Canadians are convinced their women's water polo team can do for that sport what it did for curling. Click photo >>

Too Much of a Bad Thing Makes You Go GagA

They Blinded Us With Science

The Triumph of the Capitalist Will


Geeks With a Traveling Show


    SEXUAL HIJINKS - Perhaps Larry Craig was telling the truth that he really is heterosexual. Click photo >>

    Researchers discover a new syndrome, “quadratit” .

  • Finally, there’s hope for those who couldn’t find their scrotum with a flashlight.
  • Obama thought he needed a new plan to bail out underwater mortgages, then the light came on…Octomom and remained on!
  • Laaaadeeees and gentlemen, let’s give it up for…Jerkin for Money! Not Safe For Work
  • Yet another reason the West never really had anything to fear from the Soviet Union.
  • Some of these people shouldn’t be into cosplay or any other kind of play for that matter.
  • He felt the power of a thousand men, then discovered he left his pants at home. Needless to say, the whole thing then fell apart. Not Safe For Work
  • Colin was really proud of his motorcycle gang, “Hell’s Scooters“.
  • It turns out Padit was right to be sceptical – Sanal really couldn’t kill him.
  • Rush Limbaugh’s voice might kill beetles, but snakes in the grass use it to stimulate breeding.
  • Beatrice had some impressive skills, unfortunately she could find absolutely no use for them.
  • Fifteen minutes can save you 15% or more gekccos.
  • Ah one, and ah twowa, and ah…hey! Does anyone have a burrito handy? A Tip of the Hat to Bill Straub (Bill “Jersey” Straub)
  • When you worship Britain’s Prince Phillip, you should question the role of religion in your life…but Camilla Parker-Bowles is an entirely different matter.

Crimes of Witless Passion

It’s Not Just the Japanese Language That’s the Barrier

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Why Does the Right Hate America?

During the reign of King George the Lesser, anyone not wearing a flag, waving a flag, wrapping themselves in a flag, pledging allegiance to a flag, or being out of direct sight of a flag was a traitor who hated America. No exceptions. No room for reasonable debate. Just, “why do you hate America?”

IRONIC NEO-HATERS - Former ultra-patriots have flip-flopped now that the electoral shoe is on the other foot. One man's question is another man's hating America.

IRONIC NEO-HATERS - Former ultra-patriots have flip-flopped now that the electoral shoe is on the other foot. One man's question is another man's hate.

Of course there were other reasons to be banished from the country of your birth. Question a civil right being trampled by bullies quaking in their boots over a second-rate videographer in a Pakistani cave and you were unpatriotic. Ask why a war was conducted in the most disgraceful and incompetent manner in history and you were allegedly out to personally shit in every soldier’s mess kit in the Middle East. There were a million reasons to be declared American non-grata, large and small, but you’d never know it by those same people’s words and actions today.

Rep. Steve King (R-Stupditstan) calls for an uprising against the American government. He calls it a Velvet Revolution ala the Czech uprising, but the end result – given his druthers – would be the same…a coup.

Capitulate to the Will of the American People
“Fill this city up, fill this city, jam this place full so that they can’t get in, they can’t get out and they will have to capitulate to the will of the American people,” King said. Asked if this situation (health care reform) is like Czechoslovakia, King said, “Oh yeah, it is very, very close. It is the nationalization of our liberty and the federal government taking our liberty over. So there are a lot of similarities there.”

It seems a bit odd that a US Congressman – a sworn representative of the American government, a man who loathes those who don’t recite the Pledge, and wears a flag lapel pin with OCD-like repetition – is calling for a “revolution” in America.

Why oh why, Rep. King, do you hate America enough to revolt?

Since their favorite missing idiot returned to his village, flag-waving Texans – including their governorare talking succession. If you’re willing to tear your state off the US map, you must hate America with a special, religious fervor. And if you use the logic they used until a year and a half ago, it would be treason to refuse saluting the rebel flag of the Republic of Texas now.

Texans, why do you hate America?

Hot Bed of the Neo-Hate America Crowd
Texas is a special hot-bed of the Neo-Hate America crowd. The Texas Board of Education launched the second most damaging thing to come out of the Texas School Book Depository since 1963 – a revised history text that recognizes only conservative dogma, Christian religion, and grants Jefferson Davis equal footing with Abraham Lincoln. They even erased some of Thomas Jefferson’s writings because he coined the term “separation between church and state” – by which, of course, they mean Christians only. Jews, Muslims, and and especially atheists need not apply.

Texas, you must really hate America to change its very history, but you are only the tip of the America-hating iceberg.

Tea Baggers from across the nation are joining the right-wing hate America movement too. They “stormed” the United States Capitol today set on running through the halls of Congress and clogging offices (well, the Democratic offices anyway). Couldn’t that be called an insurection?

Others who hate America include the Va. Attorney General, who believes his President is a Kenyan on an on again-off again basis. Sen. Lindsey Graham, considered by some to be a “moderate” America-hater, accused the Speaker of the House of liquoring up Democrats for a Kamikaze run at America.

Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning hates America so much he’s already seceded. He’s seen fit to obstruct the nation’s important business by representing Canada, and not America, from the floor of the US Senate.

During the Nixon administration, many of these same people called themselves the “Silent Majority”. However, they weren’t completely silent. They regularly offered advice to those who disagreed with them. “America, love it or leave it.”

I’d offer the same advice to them today, but I won’t because I love America.

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