A Hell of a Way to Rally People to Your Cause

Theist BoardOne man’s immorality is another man’s religion, even if the immorality of that religion is pointed out by atheists. It’s common for religious adherents to sometimes act immorally – and sometimes hypocritical – despite what their religions supposedly teach. The same is true for atheists and what they believe. People are what they are, sometimes inconsistent, narrow-minded, and  disagreeable.

But, there’s the message and then there’s the way you deliver the message.

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Randomness: Capitalism Fail Style

People Who Buy Crap and the People Who Make It


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Randomness: Doughnut Brain Style


BEATS ME - Title it.

The Critical Thinking Skills of Your Average Doughnut

Weird Science

Whirr, Click, Clank

Just Plain Weird

Vagina Eye

CAREFUL - Things as not always as they seem. Click photo for more >>

High School Band Drop Outs

Consuming Consumers

90% of Sex is in the Brain(less)

Japan, Oh How We Love Thee

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