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Beware the Booby

Beware the booby. The Parents Television Council (PTC) recently released a study claiming full-frontal nudity is up a whopping 6300% on network shows airing in prime time. That’s a lot of T&A squeezed into the 3 hours of prime time per night. I’m not sure you could find that much nudity, full frontal or otherwise, watching pay per view at the Econo-Lodge every night for the rest of the century. Clearly, I’m watching the wrong networks.

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Reality TV: Making You Feel Superior Every Day

DistractionsREALITY WARS – Truthful, truthy, or just plain lies, America’s fascination with goobs on TV keeps their minds off of truly icky subjects.

Stephen Colbert coined the phrase Truthiness, defined as “a truth that a person claims to know intuitively from the gut or because it feels right without regard to evidence, logic, intellectual examination, or facts.” Based on that definition “reality” television shows even stretch that broad definition to something closer to realitiness, “the relative reality based on colorful characters and stupid premises without regard for the relative reality of either.” Or something like that.

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The Story of the Donkey Whisperer and the Gun Totin’ Ag Comish

Republican Roger Williams, The Donkey Whisperer. He may not be smart, but he sure is clever.

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