Conservative Ricochet Rabbits Start New Website

Funniest Man on the Planet

ARE WE HAVING FUN YET? - Conservative funny man Michael Steele's turn as a conservative blogger from the hood didn't fare well, but perhaps the new conservative website will allow him to make a comeback.

Conservatives are trying to have fun again, and that’s never a good thing. Michael Steele blogging about the mean streets of the Georgetown hood fell flat, although that walking, talking avatar was sort of neat in a paleo-Flash kind of way. Fox News’ uber-fun 1/2 Hour News Hour disappeared so fast it made Ann Coulter’s Adam’s apple spin. The “humor” being confined to a Nostrasdumbassian reference to Sarah Palin’s Half Governor, Whole Governor, All Grizzly Momma Show.

Now, from that dark, distinctly unfunny corner of the web comes a Facebook for the conservative set – Ricochet. I’ll resist a Big Dick Cheney™ reference here – oops, too late.

Ricochet ought to be right up the old conservative poop chute. It’s being compared to a conservative cocktail party that looks nothing like anything else on the net, unless you consider looking exactly like everything else on the net as different.

Twitter-Size Hole in the Information Cobblestone Highway
“It will not be a news aggregator, or a megachat like Daily Kos,” said James Poulous, Richochet’s Managing Commandant of Fun. “but instead will be a feed like Facebook or Twitter or Tumbler.”

Yes, there IS a Twitter-size hole in the information cobblestone highway begging to be filled by non-union labor. Yet another group of fear-crazed, grammar-challenged, protest sign typoists is just what the country needs right now.

The site’s producers apparently don’t think Fox news and every AM radio station on the planet provides enough chances for conservative fun. “There is plenty of space in the online world for a center-right website with a sense of fun, of talking back and forth among conservatives.”

And indeed there would be if they simply talked instead of yelled batshit crazily like LimbaHaniBeck. Although, I don’t think they could go wrong with a regular Orly Taitz bit. She’s he-frickin-larious!

‘Baggers’ DOES NOT Have a Sexual Connotation
I know the baggers  – don’t get all huffy, we all know it’s not sexual, the term was coined in relationship to grocery baggers – birthers, and conspiracy plot makers just wanna be like Cindy Lauper and have fun – good, clean, heterosexual fun.

But dudes, go with your strengths. When your idea of fun is incessantly saying “no” like Rainman as a toddler, your material is a little limited. It’s hard to base a website on an unending string of conservatives giving abstinence lectures supported by their mistresses and calling Obama a Kenyan Kommunist. You know, like Michelle Malkin covers the entire spectrum of thought from grapes to raisins.

But on the up side, you already have the technology end of things covered. I hear Ted Stevens is available and has a solid grasp of .php and xhtml.

But be forewarned, I hear he doesn’t work well with others.

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