I’ve Known Some Dumbasses in My Time: Workin’ With Ralph

Ralph was a dumbass.I’ve known some dumbasses in my time – politicians, teachers, corporate executives, co-workers, and many others. Some of the worst were bosses who made sure they obscured the dawn of each new day with heavy overcast. They were jugheads that gave jugheads a bad name. Now, they make good stories and allow me to feel superior when I tell them.

Ralph was the stupidest. At the dawn of the computer age, he had one pc installed in each 2-person cubicle on an extending arm … unannounced … at a time when no one knew how to type except me.

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The Canonization of George Bush and Barack Obama

Rushmore Asses

AMERICAN HEROES - What do Barack Obama, George Bush, JFK have in common?

For the past few weeks we’ve seen the overheated spectacle of Steve Jobs’ hi-tech canonization. St. Steven of Applevania was described as a great man who single-handedly brought the world into the computer age by inventing self-described “neat things“. His gift for reliably tickling America’s zeitgeist was legendary, though dubiously important. His talent owes a lot to H.L. Mencken‘s quote, “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.”

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Randomness: College of Musical Knowledge Style

The College of Musical Knowledge

Big Ol’ Grab Bag of Fun

Wave at the Crime Wave as it Passes By

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