Vaginas (And Penises) of the World Unite!

If you you don’t like vaginas, look away. If you don’t want to hear about vaginas, look away. If you can’t say vagina without throwing up, you’re a damn nut!

Here’s my contribution to vagina love:

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Randomness: Nerd Girl Porn Style

FARHRENHEIT UNDER 18 – A little Ray Bradbury wi-fi, hi-fi, sci-fi. Not Safe For Work

Nerd Girl Porn and Other Sexy Things

The Free Market Uber Alles

Stuff That Doesn’t Fit Anywhere Else

Separated at Birth?

SARAH SAY IT AIN'T SO - Sarah, be careful about what you say. One day you're a hot MILF and the next day you turn into Dr. Laura. Click photo for more >>

Gangsta Fails

Emo Robots

Sushi Rots Your Brain

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Randomness: Chippy D. Style

“Invisible Gurls” (Katy Perry vs. Genesis)

Ummm, Sexy

Just Keep Repeating, ‘It’s Only the Internet’

Daikichi Amano Not Safe For Work

Dear Deer - King of the Japanese Weird. Click photo for more >>

Ripley Rolling in His Grave


Free Market or Free of Brains, You Decide

Not the Sharpest Shivs on the Cell Block

Really Japan? WTF?

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