Randomness: Ideological Style

The Best Worst Political Stuff on Earth

Bring the Sexy

I Smell Stupid People

I Feel So Pretty

I FEEL SO PRETTY, I FEEL SO GAAAAAY - Click photo for more >>


The Insane to the Infame

Savior Sightings

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Randomness: Daddy Likes Style

GRANDMA! - Able to leap walkers in a single bound. Click Image for more >>

Umm, Daddy Like

Tech Bubble, What Tech Bubble?

The Japanese are More Japanese Than Usual This Week
People (and Dogs) Are Weird
Criminal Masterminds
HOT TOMATOES - It's better that Jello wrestling. Click image for more >>
Selling Panties to Lindsey Lohan
Being a Robot Means Never Having to Say ‘BZZ, POP, CLANK’
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Randomness: Blinded With Science Style

Bohemian Rhapsody on Slide Whistle – With Kazoo Accompaniment

Blinded By Science

Criminal Darwin Awards

This Invasion of the Robots Thing is Getting Serious

On Second Thought, Maybe That Darwin Dude WAS Wrong


FICKLE FINGER OF FATE - Sharron Angle, this one's for you. Click photo for more >>

En Garde, Dildos at 20 Paces

Sometimes You Just Gotta Worry About the Japanese

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