Sometimes People are Dolts: POP Goes the Housing Bubble

Housing Bubbles Will burstSometimes people are dolts. That’s certainly true of home buyers and lenders. Only a few years after the economy and real estate market tanked housing prices are rising again – rising with irrational exuberance to borrow a phrase from former Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan.

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Baghdad By The Bay Keeps the Saddams Away

The Place for Piercings

I saw a performance by comedian Kathy Griffin over the weekend. It was in San Francisco. As most people know, she’s quite popular with Teh Gays, which made her appearance quite an entertaining affair.

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The Day Billy Graham Tried to Sue Me

Bill Graham

Bill Graham Rock Impresario

As a young college lad, I worked several jobs – newspaper production manager, stringer for ABC sports, and writer for my college paper.  As the paper’s Assistant Arts Editor (in a department of 2) I wrote a weekly music column named His Master’s Voice. Think RCA logo with a cute little dog named Nipper. It was a clever name lost on 18 year olds; 30 years after the dogs died and just as RCA began its long march into oblivion. I take solace in not having coined the name myself (my apologies Greg, it just wasn’t how I rolled back in the day).

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