Oh Iraq, Our Troublesome Child

Fighting in FalujahOh Iraq, our troublesome child. You are our wayward kid with a drug problem. Always in trouble, and try as we might, undeniably unfixable.

Everyone is both right and wrong to blame someone else. Georges Greater Lesser screwed the pooch like a Great Dane on a Wiener Dog in heat. Obama inherited the family Georges’ steaming heaps of dog poo. But he ran for office to get them so he can’t call backsies now.

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The Candidates Can Go Back to Falling from their Stumps Now

Undecided Joke

The candidates can go back to falling from their stumps. The moderators will start assertiveness training. And, regular programming can begin after these words from our sponsors. All the candidates are lawyering up for the inevitable challenges. Instant polls about truthiness and burning pants are winding down. That’s it. Comedy show’s over. It’s time to lay awake like a kid anticipating Christmas – except the stakes are higher and people will consider moving to Canada based on the outcome. It is not a season to look forward to. In two weeks, it will be Black Tuesday, with an emphasis on the black.

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Newt Gingrich: Professor of Ignorati 101

When The Big Dick likes you, you know you’re an asscake.

Update Gingrich’s Stock Plunges to 14% on InTrade

Newt Gingrich likes to promote himself as an academic with all the answers – academic answers similar to Creationism. The image fits well with his messianic complex as an oracle who preaches the perfection of what’s right – and we do mean right – and true. Plus, the “liberal” media gobbles it up like a plane crash making a smoking crater in the ground.

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