Randomness: Believe It or Not Style

A Tip of the Hat (Dave Away From Home)

Poobahs’ Believe It or Not

Everything I Know About Business I Learned at Trump Univ.

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Randomness: Sex Sells

Turds of Misery

HOLY CRAP - I love it when a band has great self-esteem. Click photo for more >>

Sex Sells

Hmm, You Don’t Say



CICADA ON DUDE! - Meet Shokotan. She only appears every 14 years. Click photo for more >>


Act Now! Operators are Standing By!

Tasty Crime Waves, Dude

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Randomness: Now Robotically Controlled

Go Go Robo

DIG THAT KRAZY BOT! - Peace Walker was a giant robot and Cold War drama. It may be fantasy, but did you know that the US military actually had a giant robot? Click photo for more >>

For the Mechanically Inclined

Sciency Stuff

Who Knew? Eskimos Really Will Buy Ice Cubes

Humans Gone Bad

Pulp Culture

How Do, How To

The Inscrutable Ones

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