Randomness: So We Don’t Think You Have Talent

Not Safe For Work

So You Think You Have Talent?

If I Had a Dollar

That’s The Sound of a Pea Rolling Around an Empty Skull

Miscellaneous Miscellany

The Japanese are Funny That Way

The Will Robinson Memorial Robot Fiesta

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Randomness: Product Endorsement Style

SPERMS AWAY - The Japanese often do inexplicable things.

SPERMS AWAY - The Japanese often do inexplicable things. (NSFW) More >>

Like Selling Refrigerators to the Eskimos

  • She’s like a virgin except not in the wholesome Madonna sort of way. Not Safe For Work
  • She’s just like Malibu Barbie, except with thick glasses, no tan, and a better attitude.
  • Dog is my dearly departed copilot.
  • Advertising for the tea party set.
  • Ten thousand tools in the damn thing and it still doesn’t have Bluetooth.
  • It’s like getting screwed all the way to the afterlife.
  • It’s little wonder Victorian women were so shy about sex.
  • I will respectfully refrain from any and all “you go girl” jokes.

The Political Realm

That Clanking You Hear is the Sound of the Future

Who Are These People and Why are They Allowed to Breed?

Square Pegs in Search of Round Holes

True Crime = True Stupidity

The Land of the Weirdly Rising Sun

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