Boehner to Sue Obama…Good for Him

Boehner grows some balls and stops whiningJohn Boehner wants to sue Barack Obama because of his tyrannical, kinginess usurping of Congressional power and I agree whole heartedly. I’m not kidding, it’s the most courageous thing I’ve seen a Republican do in the history of politics. In a party full of perpetual whiners, blockheaded bullies, and charlatans someone finally stood up, grew a set, and did something. What’s not to admire?

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Papers Please: What’s on the Front of Your Voter Card?

Voting is a scared rightThe GOP has become the GOMP (Grand Old Meme Party). Their memes are multiflorous – Obamacare kills, the IRS continues a plot against conservatives, the government wants to kick down doors and steal guns, and of course Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.

One popular meme began when Republican legislatures across the nation introduced a confusing patchwork of new ID requirements that just coincidentally disenfranchised traditionally Democratic voting blocks. Some Republican officials crowed about their shrewd actions by admitting the changes would give Republicans an election advantage.
A meme was born. “Why would anyone object to showing ID to vote?”

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Louie Gohmert Isn’t a Wingnut

Louie Gohmert is Like Forest GumpLouie Gohmert (R-WTFistan) isn’t a wingnut. He is the nut, bolt, and the entire clown car to which they are attached. He is famous for his conspiracy theories, bronze age technical/medical “knowledge”, and his creative lunacy of impeccable quality. In short, he isn’t from around here. He is from a different ZIP code.

Conventional wisdom says there is a civil war over the heart of the Republican Party. That is true, but the armies fighting the war aren’t the same ones everyone thinks.

Democrats have their share of firebrands, but there is usually a small kernel of truth in their ideological positions. Some statistic, some verifiable statement, some basic understanding of gravity may make their position a stretch, but rarely a total negation of the world as we know it.

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