If You Think Obama is Coming for Your Guns, Chill

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” – Thomas Jefferson, Second Amendment of the Constitution

The gun debate rages on with no end in sight and other than platitudes no politician has the courage to touch the perennial third rail. If you think Obama is coming for your guns, chill. It simply isn’t going to happen and almost no one suggests it should.

Gunners are adamant that nothing change. Anti-gunners are equally adamant things must change. There are also two “invisible” constituencies – advocates for the mentally ill and victims and their families who actually suffer the most.

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Obamacare Haters Gonna Hate, Or Do They?

Most popular Obamacare provisionsObamacare haters gonna hate…or do they? Well, it depends on what hate is.

Overall, Americans are more divided and Obamacare less popular since being introduced — not so surprising since Republicans have tried to repeal it 40 times and are running ads featuring an Uncle Sam with all the creepy charm of the plastic-headed Burger King. Sam is all up in a woman’s vagina like abortion foes that want to stick transvaginal probes up there. But is it apparently OK if a plastic-headed Koch brother wields a speculum.

But the dirty truth about Americans “hating” Obamacare is this: if you separate out the individual portions of the legislation Americans actually like it very much. So much, that many Republicans legislators embrace parts of it, at least until there is another Hail Mary to kill it as part of the debt ceiling debate.

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Paul Ryan: As God is My Witness, God Gave Us Our Rights

Hebrew National Hot Dogs likes to advertise they “answer to a higher power“. Even though the slogan isn’t exactly non-controversial – some orthodox Jews claim they aren’t Glatt Kosher – they are, after all, in the business of making sausages.

But Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WhatthehelliswrongwithWI) thinks all Americans should answer to a higher power too – God – presumably the Christian one. That makes this one of those cases when you shouldn’t watch the sausage being made.

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