Capitalism Theology: The Struggle Between Good and Evil, Capitalists and Anti-Capitalists

Romney and the Money Changers

In America, almost every issue offers irrefutable biblical “proof” that God sides with whoever is making a point. Some stories, like the parable of the money changers, have become so standard they’re clichés. But Rev. Morgan Guyton of Virginia’s Burke United Methodist Church breaks the cliché with a fresh idea – capitalism has its own theology. The eternal struggle between good and evil becomes the struggle between capitalists and anti-capitalists.

But first, some review for those decades-removed from Sunday school or, like me, secularists.

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When the Upper Class Becomes Victim to Class Warfare

Class Warfare

To hear the 1 percenters and those 99 percenters bent on voting against their own economic self-interests tell it, you could slap a bushy beard and crazy wig on Barack Obama and he’d be the new Karl Marx. That Karl Marx could take a Viennese sachertorte-sized chomp out of their ass and they wouldn’t know him is beside the point.

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Dimon Should Change His Name to ‘Demon’

Dimon the Demon

PUT 'EM UP! - Chase CEO Jaime Demon will go to the mat to block banking regulations that are anti-American. He apparently doesn't feel the patriotism for American regs either. Click photo for more >>

There are few things Tea Partiers and I both believe, but this is one: there should be as little business regulation as possible. Past that, the brewerskies start making tea while wearing tri-cornered hats and carrying signs that read, “Don’t Tread on Me”.

Then, I tune them out when my ears begin to bleed.

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