I Am Male

Women on Men: "Men Suck"

There will almost certainly be some hurricane force blowback from this War of the Sexes post, there always is. In fact, a post about male/female relations is the only post over which I’ve received threats of bodily harm – all from women. I’m not complaining about this. I’m not supposed to. I am male.

Jessica Bennett recently penned a Daily Beast article about Hanna Rosin’s new book, The End of Men. The crux of Rosin’s book, and to a degree Bennett’s review, is that men are becoming obsolete in the face of vastly superior female qualities. Bennett doesn’t completely agree, but gets in a dig at men anyway, “Perhaps it’s not the end of men at all – just the beginning of a newer, better version.” Jessica, with all due respect, thanks for implying I’m defective now.

If a man were to say that about a woman they would be branded as a bigot, as well they should be.

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Randomness: 25 Things People Are Saying (Part I)

America is a fractious place these days and everyone has an opinion. Even though they can’t always spell (one of those famous entrepreneurs should build a spell checker for signs) they aren’t afraid to express them…loudly…and a lot. Here are 25 things people have to say.

Sassy Gay Friend

The Mexican Muslim Bear Threat

Give Us Free Money

Religion is Like a Penis

Unfuck the World

The Winnezealot RV

We Want Beer

Dog Loves Fags

Think Outside My Box

Atheism is a Non-Prophet Organization

Keep Gawrsh Out of Our Schools

Curb Your God

As Jesus Said About Gay People

Romney, You Idiot

If Corporations are Evil People They're Evil Talking Babies

The Earth Will End Sometime

Obama Is Not The Devil I Am

There Ain't No Party Like a Mr. T Party

I Like Tea and You're Sort of Ruining It

We Should Do This More Often

I Hate Taxes

WTF, I Thought I Voted for a Muslim?!

God Hates Us Equally

God Hates Times New Roman

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Randomness: Teachers We Salute You

They work hard for little pay. They have to be around unruly kids – your kids – all day. Even though they teach kids how to tell time they have no first hand knoeledge of clocks themselves. Teachers, we salute you:

Teachers We Salute You

A Republican View of  What Teachers Do All Day

Sex Education in Our Schools

Why Teachers Work So Hard to Prepare Kids for Kollege Not Safe For Work

When Pre-School Education Goes Very, Very Wrong

Little Jimmy Loves Snack Time at Pre-School

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