Randomness: Human Condition Style

The Human Condition Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up to Be


Those Darn Capitalists!

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays Wherever You Are Bill O’Reilly

OK, Can the Japanese BE Any Stranger?

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Randomness: W(ho)re, W(ho)re, W(ho)re Style

There’s Something ‘Special’ About Christmas Holidays

Hmmm, How ‘Bout That?


Julian Assange


Using Losing Your Noodle


Say Hello to the Land of the Rising Sun

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Randomness: Behold! The Blue Light in the East!

Old Man and the Sea

HOLY MOSES - Moses turns into Noah, who morphs into the Old Man and the Sea. Total catch: 3 fishes Click photo for more >>

Tis the Season to Shop Mad-ly…

Um, Yeah

Enough with the Anime Already

Leaving Them Scratching Their RoButts

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