Only Other People With Jobs Create Jobs

Sinking Your Teeth Into a Job

Here’s a dirty little secret: Rich people, Congress, corporations, and especially Presidents don’t create jobs. Other people with jobs create jobs.

The right knocks Obama for poor job creation, though Paul Ryan and others of his ilk tend to forget George the Missing’s was worse and they all played big parts in making it so. The knocks may even be deserved, who knows?

There is no way to count jobs accurately, especially given the many variables involved. At best, we only get a gross picture.We could do just about as well tracking the amount of lettuce sold at Safeway. But, we are spectacularly unable to know whether political policies are responsible.

If the number shows Obama created 20,000 jobs and HP carries through with its threat to lay off 20,000 people, is that a gain or loss? How do we know if world economic conditions caused the change, Obama slipped some policy successes past a uniformly useless Congress, or Meg Whitman simply got a wild hair up her ass?

If it were simply a matter of tax rates, or even spending, we wouldn’t have a problem. Corporations sat on record profits over the last 4 years, yet they haven’t been hiring robustly. They even got huge corporate welfare to sweeten the pot. The 1 percenters didn’t create jobs. They simply reinvested huge sums of money in companies already fat with cash and not hiring. Then, they reaped the benefits of even more money coming back to them – even though most can’t spend the money coming in. There are only so many 28-room summer cottages you need.

Congress is perhaps the least efficient job creator, though the loudest complainers. Bogged down in internecine warfare over everything, Congress doesn’t seem to do anything except blame each other, do everything in their power to create conditions to blame each other, and accept money from corporations and rich people with huge amounts of money to maintain the status quo.

Even if all these people, social classes, and institutions ignored their own self-interests and busted their asses to improve things, the world is an interconnected place these days – especially economically. Even if we pulled off an economic miracle the likes of which the world has never seen, but the rest of the world sits idle, there will be few jobs. That’s because, say it with me, “The only way to create jobs is other people with jobs.” The days of America pulling the world’s ass out of the multi-trillion dollar economic fire are over.

Obama did some successful and not so successful things, especially since he was dealing with an unprecedented problems. Economists disagree on the verdict and partisan politicians and a divided electorate are ready to lie and come to blows over it.

Romyan are a cipher at this point. They haven’t tried yet and the policies they advocate are either ghosty, untried, or impossible to attribute as successes or failures. The only sure thing is that whatever they do will cease being what they promise on Day 1. The world is a place of constant change and policy changes with it regardless of campaign promises.

There are legitimate arguments – plus an overwhelming number of illegitimate ones – for and against both candidates. The only sure outcome is that people will go back to work when they go back to work and there is little of substance anyone can control in that calculus. Mrs. Chicken, meet Mr. Egg.

…and that means this Labor Day is a monumental buzz kill.

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Bush War Crimes: What About His Accomplices?

Mohamed ElBaradei, former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, says in his new memoir that some Bush Administration officials should face an international criminal investigation for their actions in starting Gulf War II.

He makes a strong case based on confirmed information that has come to light since the War of Error began. For example:

Were there really WMD? Why did the Bushies take the word of an informant, already believed by his German handlers to be sketchy, over ElBaradei and other nuke monitors? Why was the war originally about WMD? Then, about non-existent Al Qaeda meanies before morphing into a campaign spreading the wonders of democracy to a country that still can’t govern itself after almost 9 years and counting.

More importantly, why are we still there? If the answer that Bush still clings to was removing a, “homicidal dictator pursuing WMD,” then the question was settled long ago. No WMD and the homicidal dictator is dead. Let’s go pack our bags.

That war, along with the one in Afghanistan, has cost many lives and much national treasure – enough treasure to make them major causes of our current debt crisis. And, they continue to be albatrosses around the nation’s fiscal neck.

Most people have concluded the war was a colossal blunder at best and a war crime, as Elbaradei believes, at worst. What is certain is that the King of Personal Responsibility and his cabal of inept minions have never been held to account for any of their actions and they’re unlikely to.

People don’t talk much about Iraq anymore. If they’re extremely well-informed they might be vaguely aware that bombs still explode and soldiers still die. Most Americans are more worried about who’s going to get bounced from American Idol than how many Americans are still stuck the world’s largest sand traps. America has a giant case of war fatigue. You can only watch just so many car wrecks before they’re no fun anymore. Just ask Dale Earnhardt fans.

We can lay some of that malaise at the feet of Congress and Barak Obama. Nancy Pelosi came into power and immediately took impeachment off the table. Obama campaigned extensively on winding down both Afghanistan and Iraq. However, the end of his term is coming up and we’re still there – in Afghanistan, in fact, more there than when Bush was bumbling along.

We’re still bleeding money from both suck holes while arguing if we can afford schools, roads, and Grandma’s Alzheimer’s meds. We’re still under the dark provisions of the comically named Patriot Act and each day government power grows at a rate second only to America’s corporatocracy.

I didn’t expect Obama’s promises of Hope and Change to be totally true. After all, campaign promises always melt when high-minded rhetoric meets reality. However, I did expect some action, even if no more than token resistance, to counter the smoking hole Dubya bequeathed us.

Instead, there’s no change in trying to reclaim our burgled civil liberties. No progress in getting out of Afghanistan and scarcely more in leaving Iraq. We’re still bleeding money on the disgraceful wars to the detriment of almost everything the government does. But worst of all, there’s no hope any of that will change.

So maybe ElBaradei has a point. Maybe Big Bush and all of his little scrub brush should be hauled up in front of the Interrnational Court. But in the interest of true American justice, Obama, Congress, and any other jackwads who helped this happen should be in their best orange jumpsuits right along with him.

And we should make sure we do it without starting some new war upon ourselves.

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Whatever Happened to That Truth Commision Thing?

Update Rep. Nadler: Investigate Torture or Face Road to Tyranny

Pulling the Mask Aside

PULLING THE MASK ASIDE - Even an ersatz Judge Judy like Fox's Andrew Napolitano thinks Bush the Lesser should have been indicted for his misdeeds. Clearly, that idea has gone by the wayside by a combination of political cowardice and extending the same Bush policies into the Obama era.

Remember those heady days when the reign of Bush the Lesser ended and the reign of The Messiah™ began? Hope was the watchword and people – with the possible exception of the Tea Bagger types who hate anything to do with hope, competence, or functioning brain cells – were infused with the “Yes we can” spirit?

Well, that didn’t work out quite as planned and neither did many of the other watchwords of the time – “investigation”, “subpoena”, and “truth commission”.

Remember how Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Patrick Leahy, called for investigations and threatened subpoenas for The Big Dick™ and Chimpy the Lame? Remember how he was so full of righteous indignation and how he pledged to get at the truth of how America ended up in two wars – originally scheduled as cake walks of several months – that still drone on 10 years later? The people would get answers about just what the hell torture was and exactly how we would or wouldn’t use it. There would be no stone unturned and punishment would fall where it may, based on sworn testimony and not the height of the throne on which crapulent asses sat.

The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight Escapes
That didn’t work out so well either. It turned out that badly-needed investigations, or even dishwater thin substitutes like a “truth commission”, never came. The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight escaped town before the tar was heated and the feathers plucked, right through a door the O-Man opened politely before them.

The Messiah™ made the first mistake of his fledgling Presidency by saying, “let bygones, be bygones”. Holding people accountable was just too rude and might offend the delicate sensibilities of the opposition. His hope was a new era of bipartisanship in which the world would be transformed into a civilized place full of harmony and love.

And we see how that worked out too.

The public got no answers. The Big Dick™ is indulging his heart attack fetish and the Chimp wiped his dirty hands on Bubba Bill’s back. Obama got neither bipartisanship nor support from any corner and we the people got a huge frickin’ bill for a war we can’t win nor withdraw from.

Not surprisingly, many people are still raw about the issue, even those who blindly supported the previous skeevy residents of 1600 Pennsylvania. Fox’s alleged legal expert “Judge” Andrew Napolitano has even turned on them. And when Fox turns on a Republican, it’s news – though Fox might not carry it for violating their “fair and balanced” policy.

Constitutional Paper

MORNING CONSTITUTIONAL PAPER - Both the Bush and Obama administrations have shown disdain for the Constitution.

In an interview with Ralph Nader, Napolitano said, “So what President Bush did with the suspension of habeas corpus, with the whole concept of Guantanamo Bay, with the whole idea that he could avoid and evade federal laws, treaties, federal judges, and the Constitution was blatantly unconstitutional and is some cases criminal.”

But what should have been done good judge?

“They [Bush and Cheney] should have been indicted. They absolutely should have been indicted for torturing, for spying, for arresting without warrant,” said Napolitano.

Even an Ersatz Judge Judy Gets It
And there you have it. Even an ersatz Judge Judy gets it. Even he understands that not holding someone accountable for the damage done in this country’s name is an insidious disease that weakens the fabric of America.

His comments speak volumes about the Bush administration, and by extension, the Obama one too. Many of the Bush administration’s most onerous assaults on the law and the Constitution are still in place or in legal limbo where Obama won’t touch them with a 10-ft. pole. Both administrations banked on the public getting restless and wandering away to watch So You Think You Can Do Brain Surgery.

And we did just that.

It’s an amazing thing that Tea Baggers and Republicans can carp about Obama being a lefty and single-handedly destroying the nation while ignoring the fact that on most large issues – particularly those associated with security – nothing of substance has changed. He’s still feeling his way through the minefield by disturbing as little as possible, instead of bringing in the demolition experts and having them clear the road ahead.

It’s a hell of a way to honor justice or the Constitution.

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