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Hurricane Sandy: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

Sandy: Romney riding on the storm

For politicians, the only thing worse than a disaster is how to handle a disaster. Hurricane Sandy is a great example.

Candidates, who are just regular citizens with big egos and high Q-Scores can act like you and me. They aren’t under the gun. They don’t have to make decisions except how to spin the fallout. Conversely, sitting politicians have to do things and figure out how to spin leaving them to deal with disasters while simultaneously fending off specious political attacks from opponents. It’s an unenviable position, especially in the waning days of a hotly contested campaign.

Romney responded to Sandy like he responds to most issues. He pivoted 180° from declaring FEMA  just another example of government waste to telling New Yorkers living in rowboats that was balderdash –  ‘nope, never meant a word’. No, he’s championing the plight of the “little people” by declaring he’d fund FEMA so they can carry out their mission, which is probably just another way to say FEMA will get bupkus since he doesn’t think FEMA should be in the disaster game anyway.

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Money Isn’t the Root of All Evil, Using it Unwisely Is

Aside from a built-in bias toward greed, there is noting inherently wrong with capitalism. It takes money to make things work. Money can do good things as well as corrupt. Money isn’t the root of all evil, using it unwisely is.

The issue is when capitalism, or more appropriately, blind capitalists make poor decisions. Capitalism without empathy for your workers, customers, and shareholders is a losing proposition.

Capitalist Absurdism

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Randomness: 25 Things People Are Saying (Part I)

America is a fractious place these days and everyone has an opinion. Even though they can’t always spell (one of those famous entrepreneurs should build a spell checker for signs) they aren’t afraid to express them…loudly…and a lot. Here are 25 things people have to say.

Sassy Gay Friend

The Mexican Muslim Bear Threat

Give Us Free Money

Religion is Like a Penis

Unfuck the World

The Winnezealot RV

We Want Beer

Dog Loves Fags

Think Outside My Box

Atheism is a Non-Prophet Organization

Keep Gawrsh Out of Our Schools

Curb Your God

As Jesus Said About Gay People

Romney, You Idiot

If Corporations are Evil People They're Evil Talking Babies

The Earth Will End Sometime

Obama Is Not The Devil I Am

There Ain't No Party Like a Mr. T Party

I Like Tea and You're Sort of Ruining It

We Should Do This More Often

I Hate Taxes

WTF, I Thought I Voted for a Muslim?!

God Hates Us Equally

God Hates Times New Roman

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