Randomness: Listing Like the Titanic Style

Listing Like the Titanic

2010 – The Last Gasp of Naked Capitalism

WTF are These People Thinking?

Jesus Sightings

The Decade in Sex

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The House of the Rising Sun

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Warning: Objects in 3D Are Closer Than They Appear

Kama Sutra in 3DIf there’s a buck to be made on bumpin’ bellies, the porn industry will make it. Since the early days of enabling one-handed typists to live sadly and vicariously through virtual T&A, they’ve pushed the boundaries of technology.

Despite HD causing a bit of a hiccup Not Safe For Work – it’s surprising just how hard-on killing larger than life pimples on shapely asses can be – they’ve been on the leading edge of the technological vanguard. Now apparently, the next brave new leap comes from converting conventional 38DDD boobs to 3D 38DDD boobs threatening to put your eye out.

James Cameron, see what you and your blue-skinned Avatar sexpots hath wrought?

I’ve not seen a 3D film since Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein. Frank’s big blockbuster moment came when he was pierced through the heart by a long pike and his still-beating heart soared out of the screen to offer itself for an up close and personal bloody mess just a few virtual inches from your face.

To see the big moment you sat through half of a truly terrible movie wearing cheap glasses made from Frosted Flakes cereal boxes and red and green Saran Wrap Not Safe For Work.  Wearing them over glasses produced the most uncomfortable movie-going experience of my young life and taking them off garnered a headache. You couldn’t win, but the heart was intriguing in a 12-year old gross-out sort of way.

But porn being porn, the sex moguls will find some way to refine current technology. After all, keeping your head stock-still so you can get the proper effect is tough when furiously whacking your willy.

In a few years, the glasses will surely disappear in favor of some digital trickery. Those pimples will stand out like topographical features on a Google Earth map, creating some odd new zit fetish. There’ll be no more headaches. No more fancy, specialized projection techniques. Just pure, unadulterated smut. We’ll be able to trade Magnificent Monster Muffs 8 for Hot 3D Cheerleaders, Return of the Pimpled Asses 6.

However, it does make you wonder if the world is really ready for beating hearts to give way to the sweet sight of lip upon nip.

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Randomness: Danger Will Robinson Style

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