Randomness: Random-a-Palooza Style

Barbie Puking

BARBIE-A-PALOOZA - After she made the Walk of Shame, Barbie has a hard night at the Dream House. Click photo for more >>



There’s a Fine Line Between Lunacy and Stupidity

Wicked Barbie Fetish

Put Another Barbie on the Barbie. Click photo for more >>


Poobah’s Believe It or Not


Proof That Free Market Economies Have a Big Downside

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Randomness: Daddy Likes Style

GRANDMA! - Able to leap walkers in a single bound. Click Image for more >>

Umm, Daddy Like

Tech Bubble, What Tech Bubble?

The Japanese are More Japanese Than Usual This Week
People (and Dogs) Are Weird
Criminal Masterminds
HOT TOMATOES - It's better that Jello wrestling. Click image for more >>
Selling Panties to Lindsey Lohan
Being a Robot Means Never Having to Say ‘BZZ, POP, CLANK’
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Randomness: Chippy D. Style

“Invisible Gurls” (Katy Perry vs. Genesis)

Ummm, Sexy

Just Keep Repeating, ‘It’s Only the Internet’

Daikichi Amano Not Safe For Work

Dear Deer - King of the Japanese Weird. Click photo for more >>

Ripley Rolling in His Grave


Free Market or Free of Brains, You Decide

Not the Sharpest Shivs on the Cell Block

Really Japan? WTF?

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