The Bubblewrap Generation Lives

Bubblewraped Car KidsThe Bubblewrap Generation lives. Insecure parents who want to “protect” their kids from every evil in the Big Bad World raise them. Plus, they also demand everyone else help protect their kid by banishing normal childhood behavior because, you know, parenting is so haaaard.

No shit Sherlock. It is hard, but that’s what you signed up for. Suck it up and stop expecting the world to capitulate to your irrational wish to bubblewrap your kids and hide them away in a locked storage container.

I have a 24-year old daughter. She is bright, highly functional, loving, responsible — and most importantly — able to cope with the real world sans pants-pissing terror. She learned that people, particularly kids, are sometimes assholes. She learned this is a fact of life no matter how much I, or anyone else, would like it to be otherwise. She also learned that sometimes you have to deal with those assholes and living in the world’s largest roll of bubblewrap is not an option.

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