Randomness: Blinded With Science Style

Bohemian Rhapsody on Slide Whistle – With Kazoo Accompaniment

Blinded By Science

Criminal Darwin Awards

This Invasion of the Robots Thing is Getting Serious

On Second Thought, Maybe That Darwin Dude WAS Wrong


FICKLE FINGER OF FATE - Sharron Angle, this one's for you. Click photo for more >>

En Garde, Dildos at 20 Paces

Sometimes You Just Gotta Worry About the Japanese

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Randomness: Chippy D. Style

“Invisible Gurls” (Katy Perry vs. Genesis)

Ummm, Sexy

Just Keep Repeating, ‘It’s Only the Internet’

Daikichi Amano Not Safe For Work

Dear Deer - King of the Japanese Weird. Click photo for more >>

Ripley Rolling in His Grave


Free Market or Free of Brains, You Decide

Not the Sharpest Shivs on the Cell Block

Really Japan? WTF?

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Randomness: Strange But True Style

Click photo for more >>

CHAIRS IN SPACE - Many people have 'flown' chairs, but some people are just overachievers. Click photo for more >>

True Crime

True Life

True Crap Mart

True Robot Stories

True Tokyo

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