Political Figures Are Damned Funny

Political ads are notorious for spawning parodies, sometimes even parodies of themselves. I know you have to laugh to keep from crying, but I’m not sure whether that means we have a healthy republic or not. Let’s split the difference and call it comic relief. Continue reading

OWS: Let the Co-Opting Begin

Flip Floping Romney

FLIP FLOPPER - Apparently Mitt Romney has as much fidelity to his "principles" as John "Flapjacks" McThusela.

Update The demographics of Occupy Wall Street: By the numbers

Opinions are like bandwagons, everybody has one. Almost all opinions have a grain of truth at their core, but you have to winnow through a lot of crabgrass to get to it.Many people like to compare the Tea Party to Occupy Wall St. I’m sure it’s a delight for the pundits to debate themselves on innumerable news programs and shout fests, but it doesn’t mean much right now. The situation is simply too fluid to predict where it will go.

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The Occupiers vs the Tea Party, Who Wins the Battle of Perceptions?

Runny Bulls

THE MELTING OF THE BULLS? - Will Occupy Wall Street win the battle of perceptions with the Tea Party?

There’s a lot of rumination over Occupy Wall Street and its steadily growing raft of branch offices. Depending on your rhetoric, The Occupiers are massing to do righteous battle with corporate greedheads, their overpaid leaders, and associated serfs. On the other hand, the right sees The Occupiers as a bunch of gold bricks who want to lynch job creators Fortune 500 CEOs, crooked politicians, and their assorted Tea Partyish fellow travelers.

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