Randomness: Random-a-Palooza Style

Barbie Puking

BARBIE-A-PALOOZA - After she made the Walk of Shame, Barbie has a hard night at the Dream House. Click photo for more >>



There’s a Fine Line Between Lunacy and Stupidity

Wicked Barbie Fetish

Put Another Barbie on the Barbie. Click photo for more >>


Poobah’s Believe It or Not


Proof That Free Market Economies Have a Big Downside

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Randomness: Behold! The Blue Light in the East!

Old Man and the Sea

HOLY MOSES - Moses turns into Noah, who morphs into the Old Man and the Sea. Total catch: 3 fishes Click photo for more >>

Tis the Season to Shop Mad-ly…

Um, Yeah

Enough with the Anime Already

Leaving Them Scratching Their RoButts

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Randomness: Bad Sushi Style

Rectum Bar

GRUNT...GRUNT...UHHHHH! - There are two things you should never watch, sausage making and sausage digesting. Clik photo for more >>

Dispatches From the Land of the Rising Sun

When Electromechanical Devices Attack!

Capitalism: Nailing Two Random Things Together to Sell for a Buttload

Just Your Every Day WTF

  • There’s just something wrong about that Miley Cyrus kid that I can’t quite put my finger on.
  • At times, Rick found working in the prison license plate shop boring, but luckily there was the occasional special order.
  • The new Jeep gets an efficient 3 inches per 600 gallons.
  • After Jamil stayed on the back of a camel for three weeks, Dolly looked pretty good. Interesting True Fact: The most popular search on this blog is “horse sex” and odder still is that more than 80% of the searches come from the Middle East. Just sayin’.
  • T’was a wise woman indeed that imparted these words…Not Safe For Work AAG Always Aroused Girl
  • Even insects realized Billy was a little effeminate.
  • I’m sorry Susan, that’s just bathtub ring.
  • CAUTION: Use of this product by complete morons is strictly prohibited. P.S. Watch out for paper cuts from this warning label.
  • Hah! And they say trans-fats are dangerous.
  • Proof the Jesus Christ-ians don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to Darwinism.
  • Yet another reason the Dove Awards never caught on.

Crime, It’s Not Just for the Smart Anymore

  • In hindsight, Daniel realized his idea was bad, but at the time it just seemed so damned good.
  • In Alaska, it’s illegal to look at a moose from an airplane, but as Sarah Palin proved, it’s OK to shoot a wolf from one.

Ooooo, Daddy Liiike

  • Watch out lady, you could put someone’s eye out with those things! Not Safe For Work
  • The older John got, the less he could tell whether women were getting kinkier or he was getting weirder. Not Safe For Work
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