I Am Male

Women on Men: "Men Suck"

There will almost certainly be some hurricane force blowback from this War of the Sexes post, there always is. In fact, a post about male/female relations is the only post over which I’ve received threats of bodily harm – all from women. I’m not complaining about this. I’m not supposed to. I am male.

Jessica Bennett recently penned a Daily Beast article about Hanna Rosin’s new book, The End of Men. The crux of Rosin’s book, and to a degree Bennett’s review, is that men are becoming obsolete in the face of vastly superior female qualities. Bennett doesn’t completely agree, but gets in a dig at men anyway, “Perhaps it’s not the end of men at all – just the beginning of a newer, better version.” Jessica, with all due respect, thanks for implying I’m defective now.

If a man were to say that about a woman they would be branded as a bigot, as well they should be.

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Is the Le Leche League Anti-Male?

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When my daughter was an infant I took her to many places without Mom. Grocery stores, restaurants, and even to my auto mechanic to name a few. It was not a rare occurrence for women I’d never seen before to quiz me on where Mom was. Most implied that I was incompetent to handle a child and it was dangerous for me to be out and about without my wife’s supervision. A few didn’t imply, they were angrily emphatic about my child rearing qualifications.

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Sex Wars: Mars + Venus = Division

Patriarchal Patriarchs

I’m told I’m a member of the patriarchy. I didn’t run for the job, win a contest, nor do much of anything really. It was enough to be born with patriarchal plumbing. Contrary to much of the commentary at places like I Blame the Patriarchy, I don’t get out of bed, stretch, and say, “I love the smell of sexism in the morning. I’m rarin’ to trod me down some wimmen folk today.”

I haven’t read the club’s newsletter lately and I’ve missed a few lodge meetings, but I don’t think that’s common for many of  my club mates either.

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