Veteran’s Day: May the Stories of Those Who Served Live On

USS Holland

USS Holland (AS-3) Off San Diego With Submarines Alongside (circa 1935)

As I write this two American flags hang on my wall. Both are folded into militarily tight triangles and protected by flag boxes. One contains a Purple Heart, the other the WWII Service Medal and Pacific Service Medal. One day my own flag with a Cold War Service Medal will join them.

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The Day Billy Graham Tried to Sue Me

Bill Graham

Bill Graham Rock Impresario

As a young college lad, I worked several jobs – newspaper production manager, stringer for ABC sports, and writer for my college paper.  As the paper’s Assistant Arts Editor (in a department of 2) I wrote a weekly music column named His Master’s Voice. Think RCA logo with a cute little dog named Nipper. It was a clever name lost on 18 year olds; 30 years after the dogs died and just as RCA began its long march into oblivion. I take solace in not having coined the name myself (my apologies Greg, it just wasn’t how I rolled back in the day).

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A True Story: Please Give Me a Clue

No, really…true story…

My father died about a year and a half ago. He’d been in reasonably good health for an 86-year-old, but by his last year started to decline like, well, an 86-year old. Still, he had a reasonably good run and didn’t have any pain at the end. You can’t ask much more from life than that.

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