Randomness: God Stuff Style

THE HEAVENLY CHOIR – Gittin’ jiggy wit it, accapella style. Not Safe For Work

God Stuff

Inspector Gadget Lives!

The Inexplicable Explained by the Unimaginable


DARWIN LIVES! - Actual proof that Creationism is a load of hoohey. Click photo for more >>

Sometimes Even  The Grizzly Whisperer™ Looks Good

Medicine for the Medically Disinclined

Advanced Robotics for the Beginner

Gangsters Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight

For Those Who Can’t Get Their Mind Out of the Gutter

There’s More Than One Sucker Born Every Minute

Some Serious Japanalia

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Randomness: Nerd Girl Porn Style

FARHRENHEIT UNDER 18 – A little Ray Bradbury wi-fi, hi-fi, sci-fi. Not Safe For Work

Nerd Girl Porn and Other Sexy Things

The Free Market Uber Alles

Stuff That Doesn’t Fit Anywhere Else

Separated at Birth?

SARAH SAY IT AIN'T SO - Sarah, be careful about what you say. One day you're a hot MILF and the next day you turn into Dr. Laura. Click photo for more >>

Gangsta Fails

Emo Robots

Sushi Rots Your Brain

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