Randomness: Merry Holidays Style

There are a thousand Christmas stories in the Big City and quite frankly I hate them all. However, for some inexplicable reason other people like jamming themselves into stores the size of Montana, coping with the terminally chipper, and fruit cake. Just consider this my BigLots-style holiday gift to everyone.

SING IT ON HIGH – Hot Pants are the must-have gift this Christmas holiday season

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Science vs. God: How About Some Peace on Earth?

As America rearms for the annual War on Christmas™, a new study from the University of British Columbia provides some fresh ammunition to fuel the Yule Logs of War™. The study of 350 American adults and 420 Canadian university students shows that many theists believe atheists are about as trustworthy as rapists and would outright discriminate against them in several ways. However, atheists don’t seem to harbor a corresponding distrust of theists.

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