When the Upper Class Becomes Victim to Class Warfare

Class Warfare

To hear the 1 percenters and those 99 percenters bent on voting against their own economic self-interests tell it, you could slap a bushy beard and crazy wig on Barack Obama and he’d be the new Karl Marx. That Karl Marx could take a Viennese sachertorte-sized chomp out of their ass and they wouldn’t know him is beside the point.

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Fail Gunner Allen West

“Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?” harkens back to the bad old days when careers and lives were ruined by Tail Gunner Joe McCarthy, an alcoholic, demagogic Senator from Wisconsin. His bullying excesses become known as McCarthyism and he and his supporters caused far worse damage to the nation than the most evil of Communists ever did.

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Bryan Fischer: Talking the God Talk Not Walking the God Walk


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The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer is no stranger to controversy. His claims are odd and his beliefs narrow. I can never decide if he’s a run of the mill crapweasel or an exceptionally smooth manipulator of his flock’s built-in fears and prejudices…like African-Americans “rutting like rabbits”. Continue reading