I Am American!

I am an americanMost national holidays find me struggling with a post offering my own brand of snarky wisdom to my fellow countrymen. I usually pick a dysfunctional topic du jour or bemoan people having only a scant idea what they are celebrating beyond a BOGO sale at the local appliance mart. There is often a plea to save ourselves from ourselves by showing rare common sense and unity we can use to pull ourselves together instead of sitting in a hand-basket and arguing about where we’re off to.

Of course, those pleas go unanswered so I’m growing bored with them. After all, how often can you lead a horse to water and stick his head beneath the surface to make him drink?

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July 4, 2014: ‘Murca Celebrates Like Nobody Else

Nothing brings out the true weirdness of Americans on July 4. The weird, the touching, the profane. It is the one day a year we can all act like nuts and it’s OK with all the opposing nuts. Here’s how ‘Murca celebrated this year.

Redneck Gothic‘Murican Gothic

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The End of the American Dream?