Capitalism Theology: The Struggle Between Good and Evil, Capitalists and Anti-Capitalists

Romney and the Money Changers

In America, almost every issue offers irrefutable biblical “proof” that God sides with whoever is making a point. Some stories, like the parable of the money changers, have become so standard they’re clichés. But Rev. Morgan Guyton of Virginia’s Burke United Methodist Church breaks the cliché with a fresh idea – capitalism has its own theology. The eternal struggle between good and evil becomes the struggle between capitalists and anti-capitalists.

But first, some review for those decades-removed from Sunday school or, like me, secularists.

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When the Going Gets Odd, the Odd Turn to Santa

When the going gets odd, the odd turn to Santa

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Bipartisan Pootie Heads

Bipartisan Pootie Headedness

Jesus or Jail, ‘Pay the Pastor on Your Way Out’
Bay Minette, AL Police Chief Mike Rowland wants to let misdemeanor criminal offenders work off their sentences in jail and pay a fine or go to church every Sunday for a year – where they presumably pay the fine off by way of the collection plate.

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