The New Best Buy CEO Got an Incredibly Best Buy

WTF Best Buy?

Some people just don’t get it, and chief among them are America’s business elite. Even at a time when there is a populist groundswell of loathing for them, they insist on telling the nation – their customers – the hell with you. We are entitled, we lucky few.

As it is, about the only thing standing between them and an angry mob is a mob or their own – an entire multinational cottage industry of fundraisers, lobbyists, and politicians. Though they may control the levers of power now, if the electorate woke up and smelled the elite’s virgin hand-picked, special-blend coffee taken from civet cat shit, the pendulum could swing the other way. But as Tampa and Charlotte show, I’m not holding my breath.

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Captain Mitt Must Step Up to the Responsibility of Command

USS Romney

There is a reason we refer to government as the “Ship of State” and not “Government Inc.” That’s why ship captains make much better templates for President than CEOs and Mittgate shows it. When a ship runs aground the captain is ALWAYS responsible. There is no ducking responsibility by saying, “Someone else was piloting the boat.” The ship ran aground. It happened on your watch. You are responsible, regardless of the bone-headed mistakes your crew may have made. It’s called the “responsibility of command”.

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The Half a Quadrillion Dollar Bottle of Bubbly

The Banking Mafia

The Barclays Bank Board Meeting

A trillion here, a trillion there and pretty soon you’re talking about big money – big money like the half a quadrillion dollars Barclays Bank manipulated by illegally fixing interest rates effecting mortgages and loans around the globe. That makes Jamie Dimon’s JPMorgan losses – originally at $2 billion, now $9 billion and counting – look like some lost change from the shoebox at a lemonade stand.

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