I Know How Copernicus Must Have Felt


NICOLAUS COPERNICUS – 21st Century man.

I know how Copernicus must have felt.  He’s the fellow who first posited that the Sun, and not Earth, was at the center of the universe. For his trouble he was branded a heretic and ostracized by the Catholic church. It turns out Nicolaus was right and the Pope, not so much. It’s a familiar story. It has legs. It’s still happening at the hands of the far right ignorati.

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Once Upon a Time God Created the Peanut…

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Math: Scourge of a New Millenium


It’s the 59th anniversary of the Miss USA pagent. Over the years the lovely contestants have given us a bird’s eye view (though oddly no wardrobe malfunctions) into what makes a potential Miss USA tick. Continue reading