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Evolution and Creationism 101: The Battle Between Science and the Ignorati

Thumper sez "Science is a tool of the devil".It seems as if there are wars on everything these days – women, religion, the rich, terror – though unfortunately not error. This sort of sociological war mongering comes from the Ignorati, a class of people who are firmly against anything that smacks of actual fact. Their willful ignorance manifests itself in a number of ways, large and small. They prefer to rely on “evidence” offered by anything from the Bible, to like-minded politicians, to fringe scientists and beyond.

Last week, Congressman Paul Broun (R-Lunatic, GA) pronounced evolution, embryology, and the Big Bang theory, “lies straight from the pit of hell”. It would be easy to dismiss him as a crazed crackhead. After all, there are a lot of them in Congress. But there are two things that make his ravings particularly scary – he sits on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology where he chairs the Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight. And, he holds a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of GA and medical degree from the Medical College of GA.

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Money Isn’t the Root of All Evil, Using it Unwisely Is

Aside from a built-in bias toward greed, there is noting inherently wrong with capitalism. It takes money to make things work. Money can do good things as well as corrupt. Money isn’t the root of all evil, using it unwisely is.

The issue is when capitalism, or more appropriately, blind capitalists make poor decisions. Capitalism without empathy for your workers, customers, and shareholders is a losing proposition.

Capitalist Absurdism

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