Randomness: Hodge Podge Style

Randomness: Hodge Podge Style – Random Goodness for the Week Music, commentary, and senior citzen sex.

Could This Be The New Madonna?

Rolling in the Deep – Japanese Version

Looka Dat Body

Race Has Its’ Privileges

The Cast of Deliverance Plays Hall and Oats

Katy Perry Kissed a Marine and Liked it

Katy Perry Kissed a Marine and Liked It – Right Wing Commentary

Straight Outta the Fire Hydrants of Compton

Well That’s Disturbing Not Safe For Work

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Courtney Stodden: Ain’t She America

Kim Kardashian was once asked if she knew what she was famous for. She replied, candidly and refreshingly, “I’m the girl with the big ass.” Some people might see that and lament the downfall of American civilization. I prefer to see the quintessential American story instead – parlaying nothing into a quite lucrative career. It don’t come much more entrepreneurial than that folks.

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Randomness: Random Style

From Monday morning to Newt and the Power Rangers…from Burning Man to Odin’s beer…and Rachel Bilson too. What more could you ask than another tour through the Poobah’s vault for weird stuff.

Poobah’s Tribute to Monday Morning

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