I’ve Known Some Dumbasses in My Time: Workin’ With Ralph

Ralph was a dumbass.I’ve known some dumbasses in my time – politicians, teachers, corporate executives, co-workers, and many others. Some of the worst were bosses who made sure they obscured the dawn of each new day with heavy overcast. They were jugheads that gave jugheads a bad name. Now, they make good stories and allow me to feel superior when I tell them.

Ralph was the stupidest. At the dawn of the computer age, he had one pc installed in each 2-person cubicle on an extending arm … unannounced … at a time when no one knew how to type except me.

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The Right of a Person to Laugh Shall Not be Abridged…

Laugh Campaign 2012

Good on ya’ Mitt. You cracked a joke. I didn’t think you had it in you. You’re usually as stiff as a cardboard cutout of yourself, yet you cracked a joke…and it was funny.

BTW, forget all this stuff about the joke being a nefarious plot. In addition to reasonably good “sing along with the radio when no one is in the car” renditions of Motown hits, Obama brings the funny sometimes too. Who doesn’t remember Obama’s joke about your shameful Sheamus episode? Well, um, other than Barry.

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Randomness: 25 Things People Are Saying (Part I)

America is a fractious place these days and everyone has an opinion. Even though they can’t always spell (one of those famous entrepreneurs should build a spell checker for signs) they aren’t afraid to express them…loudly…and a lot. Here are 25 things people have to say.

Sassy Gay Friend

The Mexican Muslim Bear Threat

Give Us Free Money

Religion is Like a Penis

Unfuck the World

The Winnezealot RV

We Want Beer

Dog Loves Fags

Think Outside My Box

Atheism is a Non-Prophet Organization

Keep Gawrsh Out of Our Schools

Curb Your God

As Jesus Said About Gay People

Romney, You Idiot

If Corporations are Evil People They're Evil Talking Babies

The Earth Will End Sometime

Obama Is Not The Devil I Am

There Ain't No Party Like a Mr. T Party

I Like Tea and You're Sort of Ruining It

We Should Do This More Often

I Hate Taxes

WTF, I Thought I Voted for a Muslim?!

God Hates Us Equally

God Hates Times New Roman

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