The Story of King James and Richard Dawkins

Dawkins: The Bible is Literature

Uber-Atheist Richard Dawkins recently did something quite unexpected – he came out in support of British education secretary Michael Gove’s plan to send free King James Bibles to every English school. Of course, his unconventional position has, not unexpectedly, exposed him to ridicule from both Atheists and Christians – to the detriment of both.

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Old Posts Become New Again

A virtual archaeological dig in a long lost eCave has revealed several hundred old posts from 2005-2007. These posts cover a multitude of topics like Bush’s Reign of Error, much more Randomness As We See It, and many of my favorite memoirs posts.

Feel free to check in and browse. See the Poobah of old become the powerful deity you see smiting evil today. It’s a revelation.

You may return to your regularly scheduled pictures of cats and parodies now.

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Politically Correct History is the History of Our Times

When is history not history? When it’s written by legislative fiat.

California Sen. Mark Leno (D)  has sponsored legislation requiring schools to include historical contributions by gays and lesbians. It passed on a party line vote and went to Gov. Jerry Brown (D) for signature this week.

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