The Life and Times of Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky in the RainMonica Lewinsky has a new book coming out. Her Vanity Fair magazine article is selling like glossy hotcakes. Hillary Clinton is doing the coy future Presidential candidate fan dance and fending off silly, unconnected twaddle from erstwhile President Rand Paul. Bill Clinton, Slick Willy to some, still has the famous thumb-in-palm hand wag and an overwhelming desire to be the “world’s most interesting narcissistic man”.

The Lewinsky Affair, or more appropriately Clinton/Lewinsky Affair, still hangs heavy over the power ménage nearly 2 decades after the fact. Whether you believe it’s a conservative or conservative or liberal plot to bolster or destroy Hillary, a 40+ year-old woman cashing in on her fame, or a woman simply telling a cautionary story about her life, the book is apparently a ripping read.

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First Amendment, First Amendment, First Amendment

DunceProfessional bloviators inevitably say something stupid. It is the nature of saying so many things so much of the time. Not all of these statements are as mean-spirited or crazy as they sound. Sometimes it is merely a slip of the tongue or a case of not engaging brain before mouth. But in today’s poisoned political well, it happens and apologies don’t make much difference. Each side seizes the opportunity to make the speaker look as bad as possible for as long as possible, often overlooking the nature and severity of the statement.

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Pegleg Romney Decries Loss of Pirate Jobs, Blames Obama

The Hamptons (OPN) – The International Maritime Bureau announced on Monday that pirate attacks have decreased 54% over the past 6 months. The Bureau received reports of 177 attacks vs. 266 attacks in the previous reporting period. The unexpectedly low numbers have attracted the attention of embattled Presidential candidate Mitt Romney who blames President Barack Obama for the falling pirate jobs numbers.

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