Atheists Can’t Live a Moral Life…Yes They Can

“Atheists can’t live a moral life” is one of those old saws like, “There are no atheists in foxholes.” Christians often say these things to prove their moral superiority You don't have to be a jerk about itto atheists. But before handing out any awards for superiority, some Christians need to reexamine their meaning of “moral”.

First, there ARE atheists in foxholes, lots of them. Pat Tillman and his brother for example. Atheists aren’t closet Christians cowering and waiting to “come clean” to God and abandon their beliefs in times of danger. To say otherwise is insulting and the height of arrogance.

And explaining to an atheist that Christians are superior because of their belief in God is silly. See, atheists don’t believe in God. We don’t see the superiority endowed by a creator that isn’t there in much the same way we do not believe a book like the Bible because we don’t believe it is the word of God.

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It’s Not Just Christian Charity, It’s Human Charity

Charity ion the Middles Ages

In America, we make money the old fashioned way – we steal it from the Joneses with whom we are trying to compete. We’re a country that firmly believes in the notion that more is better and that competition trumps everything. Money uber alles if you will. But, we’re also one of the most charitable nations on Earth. Name a disaster anywhere on Earth and we’re ready to help. Ordinary folks dig deep and donate clothing, goods, or even their own time to just about every charitable cause imaginable.

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