Gun Control: Playing Harder Hardball

 Disclaimer: I am a believer in the Second Amendment. I see nothing wrong with gun ownership, providing owners are responsible and are adequately trained and vetted. However, I do have problems with the more strident interpretations of the law, the number of guns in circulation, and the rising, and unacceptably high, tide of gun violence.

A gun control advocacy group, States United To Prevent Gun Violence (SUTPGV), recently created a fake gun shop in New York to dissuade customers from buying “guns with a history”. As advocacy advertising goes it was a stroke of brilliance. The NRA and their allies went bonkers and are demanding arrests for a variety of things. The gun control group was very careful about legality. They sought thorough legal advice beforehand and NY city police stayed on-scene to make sure they did nothing illegal. Prospective customers had to approve the use of their comments in the video.

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If You Think Obama is Coming for Your Guns, Chill

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” – Thomas Jefferson, Second Amendment of the Constitution

The gun debate rages on with no end in sight and other than platitudes no politician has the courage to touch the perennial third rail. If you think Obama is coming for your guns, chill. It simply isn’t going to happen and almost no one suggests it should.

Gunners are adamant that nothing change. Anti-gunners are equally adamant things must change. There are also two “invisible” constituencies – advocates for the mentally ill and victims and their families who actually suffer the most.

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Guns Don’t Kill People, the Lack of Common Sense Compromise Does

Gun Control All Tied Up

Another shooting tragedy. Another several dozen families planning funerals or hospital visits. New calls for strict gun control and/or to suspend the Second Amendment. Blowback from, for want of better words, gun nuts. Another tragic situation demonstrating the polarization of a country that’s likely to get much worse before it gets, or can get, better.

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