Hurricane Sandy: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

Sandy: Romney riding on the storm

For politicians, the only thing worse than a disaster is how to handle a disaster. Hurricane Sandy is a great example.

Candidates, who are just regular citizens with big egos and high Q-Scores can act like you and me. They aren’t under the gun. They don’t have to make decisions except how to spin the fallout. Conversely, sitting politicians have to do things and figure out how to spin leaving them to deal with disasters while simultaneously fending off specious political attacks from opponents. It’s an unenviable position, especially in the waning days of a hotly contested campaign.

Romney responded to Sandy like he responds to most issues. He pivoted 180° from declaring FEMA  just another example of government waste to telling New Yorkers living in rowboats that was balderdash –  ‘nope, never meant a word’. No, he’s championing the plight of the “little people” by declaring he’d fund FEMA so they can carry out their mission, which is probably just another way to say FEMA will get bupkus since he doesn’t think FEMA should be in the disaster game anyway.

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‘All We Need is the Air That We Breathe’

Gas Prices Rise

Here in Northern California we often look jealously at fuel prices in the rest of the nation. The rest of the nation looks at ours slack-jawed at the enormity of them. Even in a “normal” market, the Bay Area and Los Angeles usually trade places with the highest costs in all 50 states. When they don’t lead, they are almost always in the Top 3.

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Liar, Liar Earth on Fire

Climate Change Initiative “Combustible”

Whether you believe global warming is caused by humans or not, you can’t argue that it’s a good thing. If you doubt that, wrap your lips around a tailpipe and see just how healthy it is. I’ll be standing right over here with my respirator on.

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